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9am -1pm

Rain or Shine 

Flood Relief Continues

We’ll still be collecting monetary donations for the Vermont Food Bank and the Farmer Emergency Fund administered by NOFA-VT. This fund is for all farms in the state. It is not limited to organic farms. Donations can be made to the market manager or at the Luna Bleu booth. Individual checks can be made to specific vendors.

Have you visited all of the bakers at the market?

Mustard Seed Farm

Four Springs Farm

Thymeless Herbs

Green Mountain Flour

Extraordinary Exteriors

Baker’s Studio

Bella Biscotti

On The River Farm

Woodlawn Farm

On the Edge Farm

Umpleby’s Bakery

Faith Fellows

Art of Pie


It’s also time to start thinking about filling the freezer, the pantry and the cellar (and under your couch, your bed and the closets) with root crops, meat, melons, and squashes. Our farmers will be here to the end of October so start planning on putting away the summer’s harvest.


Music by Chloe Brisson

See a complete listing of the summer’s entertainment at

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