It’s the height of the fall season at Norwich Farmers Market

Market Logo

Saturday      9am -1pm     Rain or Shine 

Fall Colors Are Flying

Come enjoy the splendors of fall at the market this week

Squash, pumpkins, apples, hot cider, a little something to nibble on, mums for the front door yard and music to keep you smiling

Remember, our summer markets run right through the end of October

Winter Markets

Our Winter Schedule is set and we’ll be in Tracy Hall for all of our Fall and Winter Markets including the Holiday Market

All Markets run from 10 AM – 1 PM at Tracy Hall

(Holiday market runs from 10AM – 3 PM)

Nov 5

Nov 17 Pre – Thanksgiving

Dec 10   Holiday Market    (10am – 3 pm)

Dec 17

And for 2012

Jan 14  –  Feb 11  –  Mar 10  –  Apr 14

Entertainment for October 8

Music by The Shugarmakers 

See a complete listing of the summer’s entertainment at

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