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To be eligible to apply, a vendor must live in Windsor or Orange Counties in Vermont or Grafton or Sullivan Counties in New Hampshire. Our market features only vendors who sell agricultural products, prepared foods, or crafts. To get on the mailing list to receive notice of applications for the following year, you may contact the market manager at Please send your name, name of your business, mailing address, county of residence, and a detailed description of the product(s) you are interested in selling.

The Norwich Farmers Market is one of the oldest and largest farmers’ markets in northern New England. Incorporated in 1977, the summer market operates annually on Saturdays 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM from the beginning of May to the end of October on land owned by the Hanover Consumer Cooperative and is located in Norwich, Vermont.

The market is operated by a nonprofit Vermont corporation, Norwich Farmers Market Inc., established for the purpose of providing a sales outlet for local farmers, craftspeople, bakers and producers of prepared foods. By maintain an interesting mix of vendors at the market, space is allocated to vendors according to a ratio of 60% produce (agricultural, horticultural, and animal), 20% crafts, and 20% prepared foods/baked goods. All products for sale at the market must be made, grown, and sold by the vendors themselves or their employees, and must be produced in Windsor or Orange counties, Vermont, or Grafton or Sullivan counties, New Hampshire.

The corporation is run by a volunteer board of six directors, who are elected each spring at the annual meeting of the corporation. Typically between 45 and 50 vendors reserve space for all or part of the summer season. Another 40 or so vendors may occupy spaces set aside for “unreserved” vendors: these spaces are assigned on a rotational basis. All “reserved” vendors are members of the corporation eligible to vote. In addition, unreserved vendors who have been members for at least three years have voting privileges.

The directors are responsible for all phases of the market’s operation, as set forth in the Market Rules. These include setting general market policy, establishing criteria for vendor eligibility, judging applications for new memberships, and allocating market space to the vendors. Using revenues collected from the rental of space to the vendors, the board employs a Market Manager, who oversees the market’s week-by-week operations. Among the Manager’s responsibilities are advertising, entertainment and special events, allocation of space to unreserved vendors, and site maintenance and improvements.


Summer Vendor Ratios

60% Agricultural

20 % Prepared Food

20% Craft

Winter Vendor Ratios

70% Agricultural

15 % Prepared Food

15% Craft